Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes Breakfast Made Simple

Oh the dilemma ... I am tired eating eggs!!  What else can I have for breakfast?  This is the age old question for everyone who is just getting started on their path to a gluten and dairy free lifestyle.

I consider this a lifestyle, because it's certainly not a diet and it requires a mental shift in the way we think and feel about the foods we eat.  Your body is giving you a very clear message to avoid foods laden with gluten and dairy ingredients.

Naturally your first instinct is to go on the internet and gather everything you can find, when it comes to gluten and dairy free recipes.  Sadly that's never the answer or the solution.  Often it creates a whole host of other issues, because these recipes contain ingredients which are mostly simple starch, gum and sugar.

Some observe weight gain after they've been on the gluten free path for some time.  It is my belief that these simple starch and sugar in the gluten free products and premixes are the culprit causing the weight gain.  Often a secondary issue that occurs is the inability to digest the excessive gum which are in prepared gluten free foods and baking mixes.

When it comes to breakfast, the fastest, most convenient protein option is eggs.  Before long it gets to be tiresome, eating eggs for breakfast everyday.  What else can you have?  How about trying a rotating menu so that you're not stumped every morning with the same question. 

gluten free recipes breakfastgluten free recipes yogurt and granola

Suddenly it seems there's so many more options for those who do not need to be concerned about gluten free recipes but that is simply not true.  They just eat a lot of breads.   In the suggested list below, bread is not even included there and yet, there's something different for each day of the week.  Of course to each of these suggestions on the sample list, you can add the following:

  • - yogurt
  • - fruits
  • - granola
  • - smoothies
  • - Vegie juices
  • - chia seed pudding

 Here's a sample list: 

  • Monday - eggs & bacon
  • Tuesday - oatmeal with nuts and seeds for added protein
  • Wednesday - legume beans (saute with vegetable - like chickpeas, lentils etc.) yogurt & fruits alternatively, muffins or other baked items.
  • Thursday - sausages and hash 
  • Friday - porridge of from grains (quinoa, amaranth, teff) add nuts and seeds for extra protein
  • Saturday - breakfast wrap (stuffed with omelette and arugula)
  • Sunday - pancakes

Working out a schedule like this provides variety and takes the stress away from figuring it out when you wake up daily.  What happens quite often when you do not plan ahead, is that you are likely having coffee and nothing to eat or eating pastries with a lot of sugar unless you are making it yourself and can control the amount of sugar, gum and simple starch that makes up the ingredient list.  I've learned to create my own gluten and dairy free recipes, and you can too.

gluten free recipes breakfast chia puddinggluten free recipes muffins

There are 2 schools of thoughts on breakfast, some say its the most important meal of the day and others say if you're going to skip a meal then let it be breakfast.  It's much more difficult for someone on the gluten and dairy free journey to feel satisfied from a hunger perspective, so breakfast become necessary.  Do what feels right for your body.  

If you're not sure where to get clean ingredient recipes which are gluten and dairy free, consider joining the Facebook group:   She Bakes Gluten Dairy Gum Free.  I share free recipes every Thursday including how to make wraps that stay together instead of crumbling in your hands.  All the recipes are without gum, excessive sugar and simple starch.

Click here for another great read on getting started

See you on the inside!  Until then, I hope these suggestions are helpful.  Do leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.



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