New to Gluten and Dairy Free - Where do I being?

First thing:  This is a lifestyle NOT a meal plan!!

The biggest mistake most people make is that they are looking to replace all their favourites with gluten and dairy free versions and ending up tremendously disappointed.  PLEASE!   Don't do that.

Accept that your body has changed and it is rejecting these foods.  Also come to the realization that you taste food not with your physical senses meaning it not the tongue that determines if it tastes good.  Wrap you mind, your psyche, your thoughts around the fact that gluten and dairy free foods tastes great.  If you are able to do this, you're well on your way to enjoying a wide variety of foods.  It's about winning the war, not the battle.

Gluten and dairy free recipes are plentiful on the internet.  Scrutinize them closely and you'll see there is loads of sugar, simple starch and gum which makes up the bulk of the finished product.  This is the same situation with all purpose premix flours available in the grocery stores.

SO, WHAT DO I DO THEN? I have no baking skills.  I have no idea how to make gluten and dairy free meals.  I don't know how to create gluten and dairy free recipes.  These questions and statements sounding familiar?  I know, I was there too.

MY BIGGEST LEARNING - knowing my threshold of what I was willing to compromise and what must be be there 100%.    Here's my list, it may be different for you:

  • Food must be flavourful and tasty
  • Contains little or no added sugar
  • Must be nutrient dense
  • Does not spike my blood sugar levels
  • Helps me to stay alert and focused

The biggest hurdle you will face is your own mind and thoughts.  As soon as you commit to keeping an open mind and trying new foods, you will soon have a huge variety of things available to explore and enjoy!

When I first began my journey, I kept dinners simple - meat and veggies.  Lunches were salads, sometimes with meat leftovers for a hearty meal and breakfasts were more elaborate. 

This is where I started to play with gluten free flours to make different types of wraps to use as a breakfast wrap and pancakes.  For a list of gluten free flour that I like to use click here

I incorporated porridge (oatmeal, quinoa, amaranth, teff) and also extended into legume grains (boiled and tossed with saute onions, veggies and topped with eggs or accompanied by bacon).  Of course, there's always fruits, granola, dairy free yogurt and smoothies.

healthy gluten free cookiesgluten free breakfastteff gluten free breakfast

Gathering a bunch of recipes is not the answer.  Preparing delicious foods starts with your own excitement to cook in a different way.  Start of simple and stay with things that are easy.  A good path is to stay with fresh veggies and meats, for the transition period, then slowly start figuring out how to make other things one by one.  

Breakfast is usually a challenging meal for most people who need to eat gluten and dairy free.  They quick grow tired of eggs.  In my post titled Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes Breakfast Made Simple, you will find a series of suggestions there for meals ideas.


Looking for some starter recipes free from loads of sugar, gum and simple starch?  You may want to consider the this collection:  She Bakes Gluten Dairy Gum Free.


Be Well, remember Healthy Eating is a Lifestyle, NOT a Meal plan.


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