My Story

I never thought Gluten and Dairy free would be something I'd be concerned about.  The year 2008, started off with what I thought was going to be a fantastic vacation - instead I came into contact with the H-pylori bacteria.  Whether that was the cause or not, upon my return home I was no longer able to tolerate dairy products.   So I've been dairy free ever since.  Do I miss it?  Oh Yes!! Well, not in the traditional sense, but the amazing sweets I grew up with.
My early childhood was in South America.  The 7th of nine children to parents who are 1st generation Guyanese.  My grandparents were originally part of the slavery movement who worked on the sugarcane plantations.  Guyana at the time was a British Colony and so I really  had the best of both worlds as a child.  Amazing flavourful foods, without the hard core spices and English as the official language. 
Before long my Dad was unable to work due to an accident.  Imagine 9 kids no income - what to do?  My mom did the only thing she knew how to do - cook!  She was a food vendor in the local market, serving up all kinds of sweets and street foods, all made by hand.  We were raised hustling from the moment we could walk.  At the age of 9, I was already preparing family dinners.  And, as for the market, well I've had many 14-16 hrs days even though I was barely a kid.  It was the way of life, at one time my younger sister and I had to share a pair of shoes. This is her and I.
gluten and dairy free recipes
As a native of South America, the vegetables went from the garden to the kitchen 20-30 feet away.  No border crossing, no pesticides, no picking it too early. It was fully grown, fresh, tasty and best of all free of “junk”.
As a mom, I took the time to also make all the food my kids ate from the time they were born, although at the time I was a working mom outside of the home. I still cook everyday!
Although we live in a North American culture where frozen and preserved foods are prevalent, I am grateful that I have the advantage and exposure to South American staples like yams, cassava, green plantains, etc.  These root foods add variety and makes for easy gluten and dairy free meals.  
gluten free recipes
I wasn't always an entrepreneur, I worked corporate Canada for more than 2 decades and then in 2006, restructuring took place and my position was deemed unnecessary.    I took the plunge and went to foster the career I dreamed about since my teen years.  I went to hair school.
At the height of my blossoming hairdressing career in 2016, I had to abruptly walk away giving up everything including my clientele and a successful educating program teaching my peers. 
My mobility came to a screeching halt, my body taken over by inflammation and my joints - well, they felt like they were beyond repair.   My childhood years of rolling, kneading, chopping, slicing all by hand, sitting on the ground on folded knees and now hairdressing - my body was revolting against the constant rigorous activities.
That's when I decided to return to my cultural roots.  Go back to eating foods which are naturally gluten and dairy free, in addition I gave up night shade vegetables.  Oh happy days again...I couldn' t believe I was feeling so much better just giving up gluten, I was already dairy free so this didn't seem like such a huge deal.
The bonus?  I can easily whip up something that gluten and dairy free without recipes.  I stated using and experimenting with all sorts of gluten free flours.
As time went on and others were astonished at my recovery, it fuelled the birth of E-dacious. 
"Free of Junk" is the same philosophy I practiced when I developed these gluten and dairy free recipes for the E-dacious cookie premixes.  No potato starch, no corn starch, no added refined sugar, no xanthan gum, no added dairy, no added gluten.  Just clean simple, wholesome ingredients.
I champion a Facebook group called She Bakes Gluten Dairy Gum Free where I share recipes plus gluten and dairy free discoveries like toothpaste, pasta brands, etc. Join the community.  Learn how you too can easily adopt this lifestyle of healthy eating.
Should you wish to  discuss this brand further, or have any other suggestions, please connect with me directly:  dee@e-dacious.comgluten Free recipes