Personalize Your Cookie

You may choose to add a sweetener or not.  There are enough apricots or raisins to give these cookies a natural sweet taste.  However, for those who prefer a sweeter cookie, it’s your preference to add as little as two tablespoons of sweetener or as much as one third cup.  If you are using liquid sweetener and adding more than two tablespoons, then you will need to reduce the amount of milk.  Any alternative milk is suitable.

Adding Seeds:

E-dacious Cookie Bases already contains Chia and ground Flax seeds.

Additionally, you may add alfalfa seeds, sesame seeds, hemp hearth, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

Two tablespoons is sufficient and will not change the cookie consistency.

Adding Nuts:

E-dacious  cookie bases do not contain any nuts.  You have the flexibility to add nuts if you so desire.

Adding  Sweeteners:

Maple Syrup is our first choice as a sweetener. It’s natural and adds good flavour.  It is only a suggestion and not necessary for the cookies to bake well. If you are more comfortable with a granular sweetener such as monk sugar, cane sugar or agave syrup, feel free to experiment with something different every time you make these cookies.  You may even choose to use dried dates or berries instead of a sweetener.

Alternatively, you do not need to add any extra sweetener if you’re concerned about your sugar intake. The apricots are sufficiently sweet naturally.

Adding Dried Fruits & Berries:

You may choose to add dried cranberries, goji berries, raspberries, blue berries, dried bananas, dried apples or any other dried fruits or berries of your choice.  Be mindful that some berries are naturally sweet and therefore think about the amount of sweetener you are adding, especially if you are not wanting the cookies to be very sweet (sugar) in taste.

Adding Chocolate and Candies:

You know the old saying:  Chocolate makes everything better!  Believe it not, chocolate added to Ginger and Apricot is a beautiful combination.  Well, we tend to agree, whether its chocolate curls, chocolate sprinkles, coco nibs, chocolate chips or white chocolate – everyone will fall in love!  Making cookies with kids a whole lot of fun, adding colourful candies – hard candies or gummies, it brings a fun and creative aspect so that kids forget they are eating a cookie made from a healthier more wholesome base.